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Counseling services

A critical component of CHAC’s work is an “integrated care” model of working with four school districts to support the psychological and emotional well-being of students in grades K-12.  All school programs are provided free of charge to students and their families. Our school-based programs include:


Prevention Plus

CHAC’s school-based on-site counseling services address social, emotional and mental health issues affecting students’ ability to learn. Family counseling and staff consultation and training services enhance student support and success in the classroom.

Social Emotional Learning

CHAC offers a variety of program that provide elementary and middle school students with valuable social and coping skills. The groups provide “safe spaces” for dealing with timely and sensitive issues in small group settings. Opt-in participation for 8-week programs; parental permission required.

  • Just for Kids

Just for Kids is a psychoeducational program for 3rd graders designed to build self-awareness, self-confidence, empathy, and healthy coping skills. 

Students complete a variety of interactive and art activities to practice social emotional skills they learn in the group.  This school-based group program runs over the course of 8-weeks during lunchtime at 23 participating elementary schools in the Los Altos, Mountain View and Sunnyvale School Districts.  

  • Tween Talk Elementary

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This engaging and collaborative group program equips 5th grade students with social and emotional coping skills. Group activities focus on how to manage emotions in healthy ways, effective problem-solving skills, developing greater self-awareness, increasing empathy skills and providing students with the support to practice valuable social skills. 


  • Tween Talk Middle

This engaging and interactive group teaches middle school (6-8th grade) students social and emotional coping skills. Tween Talk provides a crucial platform for the transition from elementary to middle school and provides a safe space and time to externalize anxieties about going to middle school, to normalize the fear of change and to dispel myths about middle school.


Village Wellness

Village Wellness exemplifies school-based support for parents, teacher and students. CHAC’s Village Wellness program, supporting Castro, Mistral and Landels schools,  provides individual and group counseling to students; Second Step Violence Prevention Program and Kinder Social Skills Groups to all kindergartners; Just for Kids and Tween Talk social emotional learning groups; conflict resolution groups for the entire campus; classroom interventions when necessary; parent support, teacher support, and collaboration with other agencies to provide needed services to students and families.

Village Wellness is an award -winning program providing on-site support by licensed therapists to teachers, staff and students at high need schools. Support is provided in group activities - for students, teachers and parents, as well as individual consultations and referrals.

Crisis and Grief Counseling

CHAC counselors are poised to support school personnel in responding to local, site based or family crises at any time.