Training Programs

CHAC is a sought-after placement for Marriage Family Therapy (MFT) candidates and doctoral-level psychology graduate students for internship and practicum. Trainees provide services to youth and their families at the local elementary, middle and high school campuses, and to youth, adults, couples, and families in our clinic. In addition, they may participate in one or more of the many group and psycho-educational programs offered by CHAC, such as the Parent Project, the Blossom Project, and others. CHAC is a California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) internship site.

All intern and practicum students’ work is done under the supervision and mentoring of our highly experienced clinical staff. Supervisors pay particular attention to the process of therapy and counseling through the use of audio and visual recordings of sessions and directly observing the students’ work when possible. Students receive both individual and group supervision.

Supervision aims to deepen each trainee’s clinical skills in working with children, teens, adults, and families. While working with school children, trainees will develop skills in assessing kids’ problems in the context of their families and schools and provide the appropriate interventions. When possible and appropriate, therapy with parents may be provided by trainees in addition to work with the child. Our clinic provides students with additional opportunities to work with adults in therapy.

Didactic trainings sessions are held each week, led by staff or esteemed, seasoned professionals who have established reputations for successful outcomes with a particular emphasis, such as family work, couples therapy, narrative therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, CBT, and other models. Other topics for training include play therapy, group therapy with kids, the use of expressive media, and cultural competency issues.

Internship Requirements:
MFT Practicum
Doctoral Internship Program
BSW and MSW Internships

For more information or applications, contact:
Radha Jaganathan, MFT (, for MFT track, or
Stewart Kiritz, Ph.D., ( for the doctoral level track.


CHAC Latino/Bilingual Training Program 

CHAC is currently recruiting doctoral and master level students for our Latino/Bilingual Training Program. The CHAC Latino/Bilingual Training Program is an integral part of the Spanish-speaking services provided by CHAC to the Latino community of Mountain View and surrounding areas. Interns/trainees need to have a desire to work with the Latino population and enough fluency in Spanish to conduct psychotherapy. Interns/trainees participating in the program will be able to raise their proficiency in Spanish and learn the clinical use of the language. Supervision in Spanish is available. For more information about the CHAC Latino/Bilingual Training Program contact:

Elisabet Revilla, PhD, PSY 23560
CHAC Clinical Supervisor &
Latino/Bilingual Services Director
650.965.2020 ext. 115